Initial Workshop, Team, 2015-12-13


Workshop Breif, Theo Ford, 2015-10-12

In order to facilitate a sense of collective ownership over the idea that would guide the Glasgow School of Art, Communication Design branding for upcoming exhibitions ‘Work in Progress’ Show and Degree Show. Someone suggested a workshop, in which the 8 members of the branding team, would openly explore the constraints of their course and the field of design in general.


Workshop Brainstorming, Team, 2015-10-12

Workshop Discussion, Team, 2015-10-12

The end result of that discussion, was that the definition of what a designer is constantly changing dependent on environmental circumstances outwit of our control. Therefore, we tried to algorithmically represent the process, that stays consistent in amongst all this flux.


Constraints Algorithm #1, Team, 2015-10-12

We found that some components of the equation were relatively easy to represent visually, and existing symbols felt appropriate. However, for terms such as ‘creative space’, we felt it appropriate to attempt to generate our own symbols and meanings.


Representing the Abstract, Team, 2015-10-12